Afternoon Tea at The Savoy in London

This first post is about my time in London. This was not my first visit to England’s capital. Actually, I visited twice before when I was in high school and it is the city that actually sparked my love affair with Western Europe. I went on to study Western European History in college and history is still something I am passionate about today.

I never really grasped before the difference between the City of London, the city of Westminster and Greater London. The City of London is actually only just a small area in central London, neighboring the City of Westminster. The border of the City of London and City of Westminster are marked by dragon statues on the roads. This is what I love about history, it’s still around us every day.

The first thing we did when we landed, and I mean literally right after we landed, was raced to Afternoon Tea at The Savoy. There is actually a whole website about the history of Afternoon Tea! During one of my previous visits I went to Afternoon Tea with my family but I couldn’t really appreciate it. I was a bratty teenager, hated tea and was not interested in trying the finger sandwiches. I think I had five scones and was miserable. Now, I will eat and drink anything so this was an amazing experience.

IMG_0133  IMG_2965

The setting was breathtaking. The hotel itself was magnificent but the room where the tea is held was stunning. The service was incredible as well. My friends and I were all pretty much novices when it came to the tea service so the servers explained everything and were attentive to any requests or questions we had. We started with a glass of champagne, which felt a little strange because of the time difference (it was 9:00am at home) but felt right at the same time. Then we had tea, sandwiches and scones. Since we just landed and hadn’t eaten anything since the night before, we we’re starving. Then we had the most beautiful plate of desserts. Everything tasted as amazing as it looked. I would highly recommend that anyone interested in experiencing Afternoon Tea, go to The Savoy.


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