Quiet Morning in New York

After traveling for the past four weekends in a row, I was in desperate need of a catch up weekend in New York. I am one of those people that gets sick easily so it is so important to take some time for myself every once and awhile.

I started my morning with hot yoga at Modo Yoga in the West Village.


Growing up, I was always into competitive sports like softball and volleyball and I thought yoga was just meditation or hippies lying on a mat calling it a workout. After a friend of mine that is a trainer, encouraged me to try hot yoga for some injuries I was dealing with, I became hooked. Because the room is hot it makes you constantly sweat and this helps my competitive-side accept that this is a great workout. Modo is great for stretching and lengthening muscles, relieving stress and even sweating out “toxins” (booze, sugar, too many carbs) after some of my more indulgent weekends. I can’t recommend it enough! http://nyc.modoyoga.com/


After yoga, I leisurely strolled towards the farmers market in Union Square and stopped at one of my favorite coffee shops in the West Village, O Café. The café always smells of fresh baked pastries and coffee brewing. I picked up a cold brew, because I am a coffee snob, with almond milk.

I am so fortunate to not only live in one of the greatest cities in the world, but also in one of the best locations in that great city. Union Square is a great location for many reasons, proximity to transportation, shopping and other great neighborhoods in NYC but one of my favorite things about living here is the Union Square Green Market.


Growing up, like most kids I was not really into vegetables but I also had an aversion to fruit. Being one of three busy girls with sports and activities after school I preferred foods that came in a bag or from a drive-thru window. Now, I could not be more different than that. I feel inspired walking through the farmers market, not only from seeing the heaps of greens and other veggies but the people that work these stands are all passionate about their food as well.

I stopped to pick up some fresh bread for my dinner tonight and these flowers blew me away. In my backyard in Buffalo, my mom grows lilacs and every spring when they bloomed, our entire house would smell like lilacs. Walking by these flowers, I was instantly brought back to those spring days. I picked up a small bouquet for myself.




If you are looking for a place to get some great baked goods, fresh vegetables and other great items, stop by the Union Square Green Market!



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