Therapeutic Grocery Shopping and Homemade Brunch

This morning, I left my apartment around 8:30am for the grocery store. For some people, they relax and recharge by being out in nature or surrounded by family and friends. For me, grocery shopping is the best therapy. Going to a nearly empty grocery store when the fresh produce is undisturbed is happiness to me. Even though New York is the “city that never sleeps”, Sunday mornings before 9:00am are pretty much the quietest time in the city and I take that opportunity to get out and get things done.

I went to Whole Foods in Union Square and picked up some groceries for one of my favorite homemade brunch items: shakshuka. Shakshuka is a dish consistenng of eggs poached in a rich and spicy tomato sauce. Eggs prepared any style are one of my favorite foods and I also love anything spicy so this is the perfect dish for me. I use a great recipe from Café Delites:


Instead of making my own flatbread (because who really has the time/energy for that), I used one of the rolls I picked up at the Union Square Greenmarket.

It came out spicy and warm and gooey and delicious. This will keep me full for hours!

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