An Egg-ceptional Evening at the Egg Shop

I know they always say, “Never judge a book by it’s cover” but I judge my restaurants by first impression. When I walked past the Egg Shop several months ago, I knew I would like this place. They serve eggs any time of the day, something I think every restaurant should do, and the color palette matched my blog. It was fate.

Tuesday evening, my good friend from college wanted to meet for dinner and I knew this was the perfect opportunity to go to the Egg Shop. I arrived a few minutes before my friend so I sat down at the bar and the bartender brought over the nicest pitchers of water I’ve ever been served at a restaurant. All of the pitchers have mint and lemon in them. This place was off to a good start.


Looking over the menu, I would have been satisfied ordering just about anything, especially because everything had eggs in it. I am one of those people that always ask the staff about their recommendations and luckily the waitress recommended the Egg Shop B.E.C. on a biscuit. My friend had the Spandexxx. We also ordered a side of fries to split because potatoes and eggs are a perfect combination in any form.



My B.E.C. was fantastic and I never wanted it to end. My friend and I joined the clean plate club and finished every last bite. We proceeded to hang around and drink more of the fancy mint and lemon water until we felt we overstayed our welcome.

I highly, HIGHLY, recommend checking out the Egg Shop for dinner. Eggs for brunch are so obvious but eggs for dinner is edgy. I already know what I’m having for my next visit: I’m coming for you poached burrata.

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