J’aime Paris

I have now been to Paris 3 magical times in my life and every time it takes my breath away. As a student of the French Revolution, being in Paris feels like going back in history while still being in the modern world. Even the streets are charming.

During my first trip to Paris, I quickly realized that coffee, or what Europeans referred to as filter coffee, is not very common and especially not coffee to go. So as a caffeine addict I need to quickly find an alternative and so began my love affair with a cappuccino. But when I returned to the States and tried to recreate this experience, something was missing. Sitting in a cafe on a street in Paris, drinking a cappuccino, watching the world go by is something uniquely Parisian. I learned my lesson and reserve the special drink for the next time I’m back.

When in London, my friends wanted to take a day trip to Paris. My friend Laura had never been and as you can tell, I would swim the English Channel just to have the opportunity to spend a day in Paris. We took an early train, no swimming required and spent the day exploring. Once again, my friends let me play tour guide and I flexed my history muscles.

The first thing I did was have my infamous cappuccino. Then we wandered along the Seine to the Eiffel Tower to get to a boat cruise. After thecruise we wandered back towards the train station. We stopped for another cappuccino and picked up snacks for the train ride home. This picnic of bread, cheese and meat was honestly one of the best trips I had while in Europe this trip. Some times the best things are the simplest.

Just looking at these photos of Paris already has me dreaming of my next trip back…it may be time to check flight prices…



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