Bordeaux, France

This most recent trip to Europe coincided with my 26th birthday so my expat friend living in London left it up to me to choose where we should spend the days leading up to it. I knew I wanted to be in France and I had always wanted to see the countryside of France so after much deliberation, we settled on Bordeaux. It doesn’t hurt that Bordeaux is the world’s major wine industry capital.


We explored the city one day and had a light lunch, followed by glasses of wine near the Garonne River. We had a fantastic seafood dinner one night at a lovely restaurant we stumbled upon. I wish I had taken photos but I would have felt like too much of a tourist taking photos of the raw snails on my plate. The snails were delicious by the way!

The highlight of the trip however was the full day wine tour. We visited three châteaux and had lunch in the countryside. I was really impressed with the passion and the knowledge that goes into wine making. The châteaux were beautiful as well.


Our last stop on the tour was Saint-Émilion. This town looks like it is straight from a fairy tale. My friend and I were sitting at a cafe, enjoying a bottle of wine when suddenly hot air balloons started flying right over us. Apparently, we happened to be there during the annual hot air balloon festival.


My entire time in Bordeaux felt like a dream and I can’t wait to go back again someday!

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