Seamore’s NYC – Come for the scene, stay for the fish tacos

When my friend was recently visiting from London, she wanted to go out to dinner with a few friends so she could see as many of us as possible while in town. I suggested Seamore’s because I had read about it in a few places and it seemed like a fun place to grab a bite. Most of the time, the restaurants I suggest are winners because I take my job as “the food friend” seriously. Seamore’s may be the exception.

The Thursday evening that we met for dinner It was the first warm day in New York City. In NYC, as soon as the temperature reaches a comfortable level to drink a cold class of something, everyone and their mother comes out of hibernation and finds an outdoor restaurant/bar/cafe to sit at. Seamore’s has a great outdoor seating area that is on the corner of two quiet streets so this was an ideal sittingoutsideanddrinking location.

My friends and I arrived knowing that we were going to have to wait awhile for our table so we already planned to go have a drink somewhere else while we waited. When we reached the hostess stand, the hostess told us it would be about an hour wait. In New York, that is acceptable for a trendy restaurant in the Lower East Side on a beautiful Thursday night.

My friends and I put in our name and went to a little bar around the corner and shared a bottle of wine. All of us were in good spirits because of the warm weather and getting to see our long distance friend. After about 45 minutes and one bottle of Pinot Grigio, I suggested we head back to check out our progress on the table. I am also the friend that is 1) always on time and 2) loves to eat so I get antsy before meals.

When we arrived back at Seamore’s the sun was starting to set and the hostess told us it would be about another hour. Make that 1 hour and 45 minutes total to wait. She claimed that customers were lingering at their tables because of the warm weather.

We ended up waiting because we had already committed so much time to waiting. Around the hour and a half mark, we were finally seated.

We ordered another bottle of wine and two appetizers, the ceviche and the poke, since we were near starving at this point.  I thought both apps were good but my friends suggested a few tweaks to make them great.

For entrees, my friend ordered the spiced tuna burger and I ordered the crispy fish tacos. My friend said the burger was fishy but overall good. I really enjoyed the crispy fish tacos but would probably want to try their other fish dishes next time.

Other than the wait, the restaurant was very good. The food was pretty good but I’m not sure if it was worth the wait. Maybe on a Monday or Tuesday night, the wait wouldn’t be so long but I would not suggest waiting an hour and a half for the fish tacos.


At least there was a great view!

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