Mohonk Mountain House

After living in New York for 5 years, I still struggle with the concept of a “weekend trip” from the city. Without a car, I get a sense of anxiety from planning a trip for a weekend and feeling stranded. There are many places outside of the city in Upstate New York, Connecticut and New Jersey that are beautiful and easy to get to, but being there with just your legs to get around sometimes stresses me out.

When my boyfriend and I decided we wanted to go somewhere for Memorial Day weekend to get out of the city and actually see some nature, he did a lot of research and found Mohonk Mountain House. It was perfect for us because after a short cab ride from the Metro North train station, you did not need a car the entire weekend. Everything including restaurants, the spa, and hiking trails were all on the property.

Saturday morning, we woke up excited to get out and explore. There are many hiking trails at Mohonk but the one was wanted to tackle was called the Labyrinth. It is basically a rock scramble to a stone tower on top of a rock cliff. I never grew up as a “hiker”. I was definitely a tomboy that spent my time getting dirty and playing sports, but I was never particularly good at hiking. The sign at the beginning of the trail warns about some of the obstacles and that the hike is for “people in excellent physical condition”.


After crawling over under and around rocks, we made it to the top! I felt so accomplished and it was actually really fun!


We had some really great meals during our stay as well. One night, there was dinner served out at the Granary and it included a lobster bake. It was lovely to sit outside with an incredible view and do something a little different from the same old seated dinner.


I also loved their breakfast buffet. Breakfast is my favorite meal of the day so having a wide variety of options and no judgment to get as many plates as I want is heaven to me.


One evening we made a late dinner reservation and we wanted a little something to have in our room to hold us over until then. We ordered the cheese plate from room service and I was so impressed with the spread! Sometimes, a cheese plate includes a few cubes and it almost isn’t worth the trouble of ordering. This plate was massive and all the cheese was fantastic!


But the best thing I had a Mohonk Mountain House were the desserts! Every night we ordered a dessert, because we were on vacation and that’s what you do, and every night was better than the last.


If you are looking for an easy weekend trip outside of the city, I absolutely recommend Mohonk Mountain House!





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