Dining al fresco at The Pavilion


The Summer in New York is difficult for many, many reasons but one of the city’s most redeeming qualities is eating al fresco (outside). Living in Union Square, I pass a stone pavilion in the middle almost everyday as I head towards the subway for work. Come summertime, this stone pavilion is transformed into a restaurant, aptly named The Pavilion. The restaurant opened in 2014, apparently to some controversy. It is only open seasonally, the website says from April 15th until October 15th but I think this year it opened much later than that.

Photo by - Cherie Cincilla

Photo by: Cherie Cincilla

With my parents in town for the weekend, I thought they’d appreciate the short but diverse menu and a chance to have a rather unique dinning experience. We arrived a little early for our reservation but I was surprised that we had no trouble being seated right away.


We started our meal with the hummus board. I love when these types of appetizers are served with vegetables because I don’t have great self-control around bread and hummus and typically end up ruining my appetite for my entrée. The Hummus was great and I could have used more vegetables to scoop up more of it.

The menu had a good variety and even my Dad whose go to meal is a pork chop found something he liked. I had the Whole Branzino with a lemon chimicurri sauce. It was incredible, not too heavy but flavorful. My sister had the Organic Salmon A La Plancha and was very happy. My Dad had the Crispy Sesame Chicken, which was served with waffles and syrup. It was decadent but the meals were well portioned so it wasn’t overwhelming. My mom had the Barbecued Ribs and her only complaint was that they were out of sweet potato fries, otherwise it was great choice as well.

Everyone was satisfied with their entrees but that doesn’t mean there wasn’t dessert. For dessert, we had the apple pie with vanilla ice cream: the perfect way to finish off a meal.


After a bottle of wine, the appetizer, four entrees and a dessert, the entire meal was not cheap and that is what some of the complaints are that I read online. However, for a good meal in a great setting, I think it was worth it, especially if your parents are visiting and they pick up the check!

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