Australian Brunch in London

After years of admiring ornately decorated department store windows and towering Christmas trees in New York City during the holiday season, I wanted to experience how another city celebrated the most wonderful time of the year. My travels took me to London to visit a friend that lives in South London, next to the Clapham Common.


The Clapham Common is a large 220 acres triangular park with ponds and lots of walking paths. One of the best parts of London parks that I learned on this trip is that they are all dog friendly!

After wandering around the park for a while and reveling in all the dogs running around, we stopped for breakfast at Brickwood Coffee & Bread. My friend mentioned that the coffee shop is actually Australian and that Australians are actually known for their breakfast/brunch spots.


The restaurant was very cozy and actually had a back porch with tables too. London was unseasonably warm during my visit so we were able to sit outside and have brunch with a blanket on our laps.

Something I always have to remember when I visit Europe is the coffee situation. I am obsessed with coffee and with the jetlag it becomes even more important to my survival. Obviously England is known for their tea but there is an abundance of coffee, just a little different from what we would expect in America. In this coffee shop in particular, they have all the specialty drinks, cappuccino, latte etc. but if you’d like a black coffee, you order an Americano. An Americano is a brewed espresso with a little bit of water. It is basically the European equivalent of filter coffee except it is much, much stronger. I always take my Americano with milk.


The Brickwood had a great menu with a twist on one of my favorite breakfast items – avocado toast. Theirs had an option to add one of my other favorite things, chorizo! An avocado toast with a poached egg and chorizo, does it get any better than that?!


This place was great. They had lots of non-dairy and gluten free options, which is sometimes hard to find overseas. I would definitely recommend checking out Brickwood.

After breakfast, we wandered around to do a little Christmas shopping. All of the shops were so festive and it really put me in the spirit!

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