A Sunday in Richmond

Since I had been to London a few times before, this trip was really about seeing new parts of the city that were not the typical tourist attractions. My friend took me to Richmond, a cute little town in Southwest London. I loved seeing how the town was decorated for the holidays and what people typically would be doing on a Sunday away from all the hustle and bustle of the tourists.

We walked through the town and headed towards Richmond Park. The park is the largest of London’s Royal Park and is a deer park!

When my friend mentioned that there would be wild deer wandering freely I was a little unsure of what to expect. I grew up in the suburbs on the edge of the country so I’ve seen plenty of deer in my day. Those deer I grew up with were skittish and bolted away at the drop of a hat. My friend assured me that these deer were bigger and used to people stopping to take photos of them. I was hoping we would have a chance to see some and I was not disappointed!

Right next to the road, there was a herd of them, just eating and having their picture taken. The two species of deer in the park at Red and Fallow deer and they are closer to Elk than the deer I grew up with. It was incredible being able to be so close to them. Definitely a fun experience to check out if you’re in London and want to get away from all the tourist attractions for a bit.


After wandering through the park a bit more, we stopped at a pub, Roebuck for a Sunday roast. I’ve written about Sunday Roasts at Pubs in London before but the tradition still fascinates me. We walked in and immediately I was in the Christmas spirit. Everything was decorated and it felt so festive. We were looking for a table and I was surprised that so many were reserved. My friend reminded me that reserving a table for a Sunday roast at a pub is a big tradition in the city and it’s not uncommon for so many tables to be reserved. I was thinking that in America, a bar or our version of a pub would typically be a place that you would just stop in and wouldn’t need a reservation.

We had a drink at the bar and eventually had a seat at a table. We enjoyed a leisurely lunch and I, of course, had to have a Sunday roast while we were there. It was just as good as I remembered.

As we were leaving, the sun was setting and there was an incredible sunset over the Thames. You could tell that this was a spot known for its views because lots of people had brought drinks and were taking photos. We wandered back through the town towards the tube and saw how the town was lit up at night.


If you are looking for a place to visit in London that different from all the usual spots, I would definitely recommend checking out Richmond.


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