Fall Flavors Baking Class

My sister and I are really the chefs in charge when it comes to our family’s holiday meals. We start planning it weeks in advance down to the appetizers we are going to eat during the day while cooking. One of the most exciting parts for us is planning the desserts.

While visiting my sister in Boston in October, we took an Autumn pie baking class to get our creative baking juices flowing! The class was at the Sur la Table store in the Prudential Center.

The first recipe was for a rustic cranberry galette and the second was a traditional apple pie. We used homemade pie dough for each that was made ahead of time and then we got to make our own at the end of class.

My sister is really the master chef, I’m more of a line cook but a great taste tester. These galettes were straight out of the oven and I wish I could describe how incredible they smelled.

The class had a total of twelve people including two mother-daughter duos and a family so this type of class is perfect for all groups. Everything was simple and straightforward but still fun and informative. There are Sur la tables all over the country so I definitely recommend checking out a cooking class or even their online classes! http://www.surlatable.com/category/cat2211278/Find+a+Cooking+Class