Dining al fresco at The Pavilion


The Summer in New York is difficult for many, many reasons but one of the city’s most redeeming qualities is eating al fresco (outside). Living in Union Square, I pass a stone pavilion in the middle almost everyday as I head towards the subway for work. Come summertime, this stone pavilion is transformed into a restaurant, aptly named The Pavilion. The restaurant opened in 2014, apparently to some controversy. It is only open seasonally, the website says from April 15th until October 15th but I think this year it opened much later than that.

Photo by - Cherie Cincilla

Photo by: Cherie Cincilla

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Seamore’s NYC – Come for the scene, stay for the fish tacos

When my friend was recently visiting from London, she wanted to go out to dinner with a few friends so she could see as many of us as possible while in town. I suggested Seamore’s because I had read about it in a few places and it seemed like a fun place to grab a bite. Most of the time, the restaurants I suggest are winners because I take my job as “the food friend” seriously. Seamore’s may be the exception.

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Dinner at Lurra in London

One night for dinner while in London, we went to a friend of a friend’s restaurant. I know it’s very stereotypical to say that London doesn’t have good food and that just simply isn’t true. However, on my first two trips, I don’t remember very good meals. That could be due to the fact that I was a bratty teenager that was barely eating vegetables consistently, let alone trying new things.

My friend Claire suggested we go to her friend of a friend’s restaurant, Lurra. It’s Basque style which to me means meat and I am always happy with that. The food was outstanding! We ordered the large sharing plate of beef and it was totally worth it. Not to mention, the drinks were excellent too. That goblet the size of Claire’s head is a gin and tonic. I highly recommend stopping by Lurrafor some good meat while in London!

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